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Gaming Solution

All the tips and tricksĀ about the current trending games right now.

Basic Tricks about PUBG

  1. You can use pistol while driving four wheeler, not any other weapon.

  2. While punching we should jump because it ensure's more damage to the opponent.

  3. you can use your flare gun a mini rocket to launch your friend for some distance  by firing gun on his back.

  4. you can use a car for drag your boat to river,if your boat gone out side water.

  5. if you want to use buggy in pubg mobile with great command on in then burst it tyre.

  6. you can jump in water  at any height  without any damage.even from moving car.

  7. pick scope and fire give less recoiling than only simple fire.

  8. your high level  vest give you some space to take things in it.(it increase your capacity) 

Basic Tricks about COC

  1. Just don't waste your gems, in frequent ways try to unlock 5 builders as soon as possible.

  2. Just donot make your base rushed , because at the end of the day you won't be able to do maximise on that.

  3. Make best use of dark elixir as its production is quite low.

  4. Organize your village in such a way ,that your townhall is sorrounded by defence ,in between storage followed resourse collector. 

  5. Try to make an army of lava loon when you are at th -9 as same as the opponent,and lightning spell to destroy air defence.

  6. Try to earn as many as clan league as you can, it would be helpful for your future endeveour.